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Sewing Hexessories Pattern is finally on the way!

Back in February of this year, (you know, when life seemed so much simpler) I put a call out for pattern testers for my latest pattern – Sewing Hex-essories.

Instagram Post requesting pattern testers for Sewing Hexessories pattern

Then March happened and everyone’s life was turned upside down! 

In the space of just a few hours, I was thrust back into being a full time Mum and Teacher to my two Boys (11,12).  Hexy Hubby also began working from home full time which was quite a shock to my system and established routine.  Suddenly, I had to share my home and workspace with 3 other people ALL.THE.TIME!

My Sewing Hexessories pattern test got put on the back burner as I dusted off my limited English Language knowledge (subordinate clauses and pronouns anyone??) and tried to remember my Henrys’, Richards’ and Edwards’ as I was forced to study the War of the Roses once more.  Interesting fact, I live only a few miles from the historic battlefield where Richard III was defeated by Henry Tudor and the House of Lancaster.

I’m so grateful that school officially finished back in July and that my Boys are still talking to me!

So, lets fast forward to today…

I’m thrilled to be able to say that the Sewing Hexessories pattern is going to be released on Friday 28th August 2020!

Cover Image for Sewing Hexessories pattern designed by Alison Stothard

My testers have been amazing, they have made countless samples and submitted really thoughtful and thorough feedback. 

I’ve recorded video tutorials, re-written instructions, taken 1000’s of photos, designed a custom Acrylic template, figured out how to get it manufactured and am really proud of the pattern we have created together.

Picture showing folding table set up in a garden against a brick wall with Sewing Hexessories samples laid out on top

Behind the scenes at a not so glamorous photo shoot - This was how I took the photos for the cover image used on the pattern

Youtube Thumbnail image for How to Fold Hexagami Shapes video tutorial by Alison Stothard

There is even a short video tutorial showing how to fold the hexagami shapes used in my Sewing Hexessories pattern

Over the next few days, I’ll be featuring some of my Testers and sharing a little about them, their patchwork and quilting journeys and of course, their finished Sewing Hexessories.  I’ll also share more about my new acrylic Hexagami Template Set which will ensure that making your Sewing Hexessories is a breeze!

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Until tomorrow,

Happy Stitching!

Alison xx

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