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Meet the Tester - Emily Davis

Meet the Tester 

I'm sew excited about my upcoming Sewing Hexessories pattern release, that I wanted to introduce to you to some of the amazing folks who helped to make sure that the pattern was clearly explained, easy to read and accurate for you.

Meet Emily, the first of my testers who volunteered to be featured...

Please introduce yourself and tell us a bit about your patchwork and quilting journey


Emily Davis SelfieHi, I’m Emily Davis, one half of Step by Step Patchwork Centre in North Devon, UK. 


I grew up surrounded by quilting (Mum has been sewing since she was eight!), I’ve dabbled over the years, but I’ve been quilting full time for nearly eight years. 


I started quilting when I was made redundant from my post-university job and stepped in to help at the shop before Mum’s original business partner retired, and we had to move the shop and downsize.


I’m an avid slow-stitcher, not that I’m very slow about it! I love EPP and FPP (foundation paper piecing), I’m dabbling in big stitch hand quilting with perlé thread, I’m no good at free-motion quilting, my vermicelli has corners!


What does your workspace look like? 

I don’t actually have a dedicated one, I’m either sat on the sofa, or behind my sewing machine at the shop. Either way it’s usually organised chaos!

Have you been a pattern tester before? Show us your favourite pattern test projects.

I’ve done a bit of pattern testing, mainly in EPP and FPP. My favourite EPP one was one I did near to the beginning of lockdown for Amber Miller of The Chromatic Studio (@amber_chromatic), her ‘Staying In’ Fiddly EPP mini quilt, I also tested her Hey Whiskers pattern as well.  My favourite FPP pattern test that I did was Robynie’s (@robyniepatterns) Otter block. I did mine as a space otter – really want to make another one at some point.

  Robynie Otter Block


Tell us about your sewing hexessories. Did you make them with anyone in mind, or use special fabrics?

Sewing Hexessories designed by Alison Stothard, made by Emily Davis Sewing Hexessories designed by Alison Stothard, made by Emily Davis Sewing Hexessories designed by Alison Stothard, made by Emily Davis

I could only make the needle book and scissor fob, as I ran out of the foam wadding (facepalm).

[Alison's Note:  You will be able to order the precut hexagon foam stabiliser kits from my website for your sewing hexessories]

I didn’t have anyone specific in mind for them, but I can see me making them for friends as Christmas and birthday presents, once I can get hold of some more of the foam wadding!

What would you say to someone thinking about making the Sewing Hexessories pattern?

Use starch. Don’t think you don’t need to, you do. It makes one heck of a difference when doing the folds.

If you could make a set of sewing hexessories for anyone (alive or dead) who would it be and why?

I’d like to make a set each for my aunts, and my BFF from university, because we all love things that are handmade and different.

Where can we see more of your work? 

My IG handle is @emilysewsandshoots, I try and share things on there daily (when I remember!), and I have a blog that you can follow (, I tend to waffle and rant a bit on that, but it’s where I share my weekly adventures in patchwork and quilting, with my makes, and makes that we see in the shop.

Thanks for sharing Emily! - I look forward to following your adventures on IG and staying up to date with all the happenings on your blog.

The Sewing Hexessories pattern will be released on Friday 28th August 2020 

Sewing Hexessories pattern cover designed by Alison Stothard

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Until next time folks, 

Happy Stitching!

Alison xx


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