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English Country Garden Quilt - Block 4 now available

Hello May 2021!

I really do not know where April got to!  This year, we did not seem to have many April showers so perhaps it is straight onto the May flowers instead?? 

Welcome to month 4 of the English Country Garden quilt along!

I do hope you are enjoying the blocks so far.  If you have any feedback or comments about this quilt, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below or get in touch through my contact page.

This month’s bloom is the French Marigold (Tagetes Patula)

Despite the name, French Marigolds are not French at all.  They were imported into Europe during the 16th Century by the Portuguese from Central America!


The French marigold is a wonderfully easy bedding plant to grow from seed and brings lots of colour and aroma to the garden! 

I first planted French Marigolds in my small vegetable patch to act as natural pest control in a bid to grow my own tomatoes and cucumbers.  I have been successful growing many different varieties of tomatoes over the years, but alas, my attempts to grow edible cucumbers have not been very good at all – last year, the slugs/ snails ate all my seedlings before I could even get them planted out! 😒  Fingers crossed for this year’s attempt 🤞 – I am going to try using raised beds this year instead of growing directly in the soil.

Marigolds come in a myriad of colours from bright Sunshiny yellows, though to orange and deep mahogany red tones. 

For the original Country Garden quilt, I used a red fabric in the centre of my marigolds and added orange petals.


And here is the Marigold block made using some Blue & White scraps for the Blue & White version of the quilt that I am working on this year:

 image of the Marigold block from Country Garden quilt by Alison Stothard showing 7 blooms with blue petals on a white background

Quick update on my hand/ shoulder

You may be glad to know that the tendons in my hand are healing well!  I can hand sew again now – Yay!!  I am limiting the amount of hand sewing I do now to just a few hours per week, but I hope to start working on my Batik version of the Country Garden quilt this month (May 2021).

So, if you have not started making any of your blocks yet, do not despair – I will be going live in the Private Facebook group just for Country Garden participants and starting from scratch on my Batik Country Garden quilt very soon.  Perhaps you will join in with me?

Keep your eyes peeled for an announcement in the Facebook group soon – I will probably do a couple of trial runs first just to make sure I can get the technology to work 😊  


We have a long Bank Holiday weekend in the UK this weekend, so I am looking forward to an extra day with my Boys at home.  Whatever you are doing, Stay Safe and look after yourself and those around you. ❤

Happy Stitching!

Alison xx

That’s all for now, I hope that you are safe and well and are continuing to enjoy stitching along on this Block of the Month program with me.  You can grab your copy of the pattern here

Happy Stitching!

Alison xx


p.s. If you are sharing your blocks on social media, please be sure to use the correct hashtag #countrygardenqal so that I, and others don’t miss out on seeing them!

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