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Christmas In July - Day 1

As I went to bed last night lamenting that it was July already, my thoughts turned to when I used to hold “Christmas In July” events in my old quilt store...I’d share quilts, patterns and fabrics with customers and host free demonstrations in store for customers to be able to make their own simple gifts and decorations.

Then I wondered if I could do the same thing via my Social Media and Blog?

Why not? Hold my beer! 🍺 Let’s do this!

Here goes...

Day 1 - My handmade stocking made for me by my Great Aunty Nora

Red Homemade Christmas Stocking from 1980s with Snowman, Bell and Tree appliques with Cuff embroidered with initials

I think this is the item that kicked off my love of handmade/ homemade Christmases. For as long as I can remember (since the early 80’s 😳), I’ve had this homemade stocking.

I’m not ready for Christmas 🎄 until this stocking is hanging up!

Each year, I’d tip- toe downstairs and head straight for the stocking to see what was inside...without fail, every year, there would be a satsuma 🍊 and a few small trinkets and sweets/ chocolates 🍫 . My Mum and Dad would always buy me and my sister silly little gifts to go with our “big” present.

My favourite one ever was a novelty eraser (remember when collecting them was a thing?) It was in the shape of a roller skate - complete with tiny moving eraser wheels! It was awesome!

It’s a tradition that continues today with my own children and I have great fun looking for silly things to put in their stockings.

I’ll share the stockings I made for them tomorrow...

Do you still hang a Christmas stocking?  What do you put in yours?

Please leave a comment and tell us the story behind your stockings and traditions.

Until tomorrow, 

Happy Stitching xx

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