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How to correctly press an appliqué block

Your English Country Garden quilt block may be a bit crumpled and wrinkled from handling so you will want to press it nice and flat before you quilt and square it up.

It is important when pressing blocks that have turned edge appliqués on that you do not “squash” your appliqués or press any wrinkles into them.  You want to preserve the raised appearance of your appliqué. 

To do this, the pressing requirements for appliqué blocks are different to “normal” patchwork blocks.

You will need:

  • A Hard, Flat pressing surface
  • Soft Towel (pref. white or cream) (I use a soft fluffy bathmat that is ONLY used for pressing my appliqué)
  • A clean (preferably white) cotton t-shirt
  • (optional) Pressing cloth or clean tea towel
  • Steam iron (set to cotton setting with steam turned ON)
  • Finished English Country Garden quilt block


Lay the soft towel over your pressing surface and then layer the t-shirt on top of this.  Smooth out any wrinkles.

Place your appliqué block RIGHT SIDE DOWN on top of the pressing surface. 

Optional – lay a tea towel or pressing cloth over the back (WRONG SIDE) of the block.

Press your block with the steam iron – starting in the centre and gently pressing out towards the edges – don’t move your iron back and forth as you may press a wrinkle or two into your block!

The steam from the iron will help to release any puckers or wrinkles from your block. 

Allow the block to cool and then proceed to layer it up ready for quilting!

Watch the process here: