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How to make a Quilters knot

The first time I saw someone make a quilter's knot, I was blown away!

I use this knot all the time and often make one as soon as I've cut my thread and threaded my needle - often without realising I've done it!

Depending on what you are stitching, you will want to alter the number of times you wrap your needle.  If I am hand quilting, I wrap no more than 3 times.  If I am sewing my EPP shapes together with a really fine thread such as Wonderfil Decobob, I will wrap my thread 8-10 times before forming the knot.

Here's how to make a Quilter's Knot:


Thread your needle
Grab the end of your thread
Grip the end of the thread against the needle between your thumb and forefinger
Wrap the thread around the needle. The more times you wrap, the larger the knot will be.
Pinch the wraps between your thumb and forefinger
Pull the needle out whilst gripping the wraps between your thumb and forefinger. There’s the knot!

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