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How to make a Peppermint Swirl Pillow - A VORTEX Block variation - Part One

As I've been photographing and sharing my previous quilty Christmas makes as part of my Christmas in July series, I've started to think forward to the coming Christmas and what I'm going to make this year...

Who can resist the Red and White combo for a fresh festive vibe at Christmas?

It makes me think of candy canes, Santa and peppermint swirls! mmmmm candy....

Anyway, I digress.... 

I love to make cushions (pillows) as they are smaller projects and can be finished in (almost) no time at all. 

Plus, they are a quick and easy way to decorate for Christmas - I just put the new cover over my existing cushions!  

The cushions in our house resemble the children's party game - Pass the Parcel!  Each cushion has multiple covers on it - i just swap them around depending on the season! LOL

I've decided to use my VORTEX original EPP Block pattern to make (what I hope is) a super cute Christmas Pillow:

I think it will look Festive without being too "Christmassy" 

Peppermint Swirl Christmas Cushion

I've printed the colouring sheet that's included in the pattern and had a play with different variations:

I'm liking the final version the best!  

I've printed and cut out the templates (also included in the pattern).  The original block has a central hexagon template, but to make the swirl more like a Peppermint Swirl, I've divided the hexagon template into 6 equilateral triangles by drawing from point to point.  

Then I've just cut the template apart to give me my triangle templates. (Don't forget to punch a hole in the centre of your templates to make them easier to remove)

If you're not comfortable doing this, I've created a template sheet with equilateral triangle templates on for you.  It includes triangles for both the SMALL and LARGE Vortex block.  You can download those templates here

So now I've shopped my stash and I've got a quarter yard of a RED tone on tone print and a quarter yard of a WHITE on WHITE print and I'm off to start basting and assembling my VORTEX block.

I'll post another update once that's done (hopefully BEFORE Christmas)

Have you started your Christmas projects yet?  What are you going to make this year? 

Let me know in the comments, I'd love to hear what you are making!

Until next time,

Happy Stitching!

Alison xx



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